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Our Mission


Our mission – in working alongside the local church to make disciples – can be summed up into one short phrase: “Win, Build, Send.”

Our mission is to win students to Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them as equipped missionaries to the campus, world, and workplace.



As we look at the life and ministry of Jesus, we see that He emphasized an intentional and relational type of ministry:

  • Jesus pursued us from heaven (John 3:16)
  • Jesus identified with us by taking on human likeness (Phil. 2:7)
  • Jesus served us (John 13)
  • Jesus proclaimed the gospel message (Mark 1:15)
  • Jesus embodied the gospel message (Mark 15)

To sum it up, we want to do ministry like Jesus, with Jesus, and for Jesus – pursing others, identifying ourselves with a particular affinity group on campus, serving them, proclaiming the gospel message to them, and embodying the gospel message so that they can see Jesus in us.



As students trust in Jesus, our long-term goal is to invest in their lives so that they become mature disciples (Col. 1:28) who go on to make more disciples (Matt. 28).

We build and assess leaders by thinking through five categories:

  • Calling: Where are they going?
  • Character: How do they need to become more like Jesus?
  • Competency: What do they need to learn about God and themselves?
  • Comprehension: How do they need to think differently about ministry?
  • Compatibility: How do they need to practice ministry differently?



We believe that our ministry philosophy and methodology will give students the blueprint they need to be a faithful laborer for the rest of their life. Our goal is to send 100% of our graduating students into local churches equipped to serve, lead a small group, and launch spiritual movements in their neighborhood and the city-at-large. The goal is to create a leadership pipeline for the sake of blessing local churches. We desire that every student would leave our ministry having been deeply formed as a disciple, having made disciples themselves, and having been fully trained to be a missionary where they work, live, and play.

What are our Core Values that drive everything we do?

In case you missed it, here is the Vision behind the mission above.

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