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Weekly Meeting

Weekly Meetings

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We want to see your life changed. We want to see K-State changed.

Every week at Cru dozens of college students from all over the campus come to grow closer to Jesus Christ through prayer, powerful worship, passionate bible teaching, and community.

The weekly meeting is open to any student no matter their spiritual background. If you are not a Christian but are asking lots of questions you will find yourself right at home with us. Belief in Jesus is not a requirement for participating with us although we hope that you will eventually be persuaded by the gospel that “Jesus is better.”

The weekly meeting is not the focal point of Cru. Rather, the weekly meeting is primarily a gathering of community groups that meet all over campus for the purpose of leaning about Jesus, building healthy community with Christians and seekers, and serving the campus.

Weekly meetings occur every Thursday of the fall and spring semesters:

  • Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD


Cru Afternights

After the meeting each week, we have a tradition we call AFTERNIGHTS. Each week we plan something fun to do, offering a time to hang out and get to know other students in Cru. Varsity Donuts, Freddy’s Frozen Custard, glow in the dark ultimate frisbee, and board game nights are some of our favorite choices. This is a great time to get connected and discover new friendships! Stay as long as you want!

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